Raising Pheasant Chicks. Any Tips?


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Nov 11, 2008
Vicksburg, MS
Hey everyonee I will Hopefully be hatching some pheasant chicks in a couple of weeks and was wondering if there was anything special I need to know? I've hatched pheasants in the past and none lived. Any special brooder requirements or food or anything? Any tips are appreciated.



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Jun 7, 2008
gamebird starter....durring there first week i try to give mine eggs everyday....im not sure if it really helps or not but whenever i dont give mine eggs they start pecking out each others vents
i just stir up a few eggs in a bowl and cook them in the microwave...that way its quick and no butter required
also they seems to start jumping gliding at a couple weeks old so whatever they are in needs to have a soft top if they are capable of hitting it i use a foam bed matress and cut it to size so they dont hurt thereself when they jump/fly up


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Apr 4, 2009
Eastern North Carolina
1) put marbles in the waterer (pheasant chicks are bigger than quail but they are very active and will kick out alot of water)
2) We feed 28% medicated game bird starter
3) in about 2 to 3 weeks they can jump about 2 feet high - covered brooder a must
4) Like any other bird don't overcrowd them
5) We have had them jump up and kill themselves when they get bigger
6) again when they get older the females will go after and scalp the males. We had one last year and they took him down to skull from the time we left for work until we got home in the afternoon. We took him out and he was healing nicely until he applied #5 to himself

7) keep a close eye on them for picking all thru the grow out.
8) they are flighty to say the least, move slow and try not to get over top of them when feeding etc.


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