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    Hello,I'm very interested in raising homing pigeons. I've never raised them before and I've read and watched some care about them but I would like some tips/advice and anything you would like to throw at me. I have dogs,cats,parakeets,fish,turtles,rabbits,chickens,and ducks so far and I would love to add homing pigeons to the mix. I love how they can remember there home from almost anywhere in the world and have such a great memory from sight,smells,sounds and just there over all selves. So if you guys could help me out with coops,pens,roosts,nests,feed,and any other things I would really appreciate it!! Thanks in advance
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    try the national pigeon assn., website new and improved it is npausa.com
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    I live in Canada and am subject to -40ยบ weather.
    Here is a quick peak at my set up.
    Pigeons basically fall into 4 categories Show or Ornamental, Performance, Utility, and Homing.
    I would suggest starting with "Young" homing pigeons that have "Never" been flown.
    I fly white homers. At least the parents of all my birds are snow white homers. My birds have a Belgium blood line.
    My point is not all pigeons will orientate to a loft when kept in captivity for 2 weeks.
    This is what one bird accomplished after being kept prisoner for nearly a year. This pigeon was mated and had raised numerous clutches of eggs in that time. It was a happy reunion when he came home to his original mate:

    I make my nest boxes the size of a feed bag. Line the nest box with a feed bag when it gets soiled fold it up and pop a new one in EASY PEASY.


    This is what I use for nest bowls approximately 10" in diameter available at the Dollar Store.
    (It is wise to have 2 nest boxes for each breeding pair)

    Nesting material can very from pine needles, twigs, grass, hay, and wood chips. My loft is a converted baby barn.


    There are many types of trapping systems this is mine. Top is window hinged and doubles as roof, floor is hinged doubles as shutter for window in winter, Landing ramp doubles as door forming a small aviary to train pigeons to go through a bob wire trapping system.



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