Raising polish


6 Years
Jul 28, 2013
New Hampshire
Looking for a few tips..
It's our 1st winter with 2 polish, they are about 7 months old with no signs of laying? Not redness and their vents are small and narrow. Weather has been mild so all is going well,although we have top knot wetness issues whe it rains and sometimes when they drink, and with the weather getting colder this week I am concerned!
So any polish tips are welcome
Thanks from a new polish mom!
Love their personality and fun antics lol!


6 Years
Dec 12, 2013
Lancashire, England
I have raised three polish in my time who were all entirely different apart from when it came to eggs.

You cannot rush a polish, they are unpredictable when it comes to eggs. I'm currently in the same situation as you with a 30 week old polish who looks about two months away from laying!

Wattles are a good indicator when it comes to Polish, they need to be bright red and fully grown. Also I find that new layers like to wait for Spring and increases in hours of sunlight to lay for the first time.

But you never know with Polish. They are slightly mad hens ;)

They are fine with cold or wet weather - although they hate anything that messes with their hair-do! Sometimes in heavy rain, my Polish Rachael just goes into the coop (or has a dust bash under it!)
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