Raising Pullets to sell,Have you done this?

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animal nut

11 Years
Sep 11, 2008
S. E Ohio
I am considering buying 50 extra chick and raise them until they reach laying age. I will keep 10 to 15 of them for myself and sell the rest of them. I am trying to up my profit so that I may reduce the cost of feed for my current laying flock. I can get the chicks at a very good price locally and feel that I can return a profit. I would like to know what was your experiences doing this. I would hate to get stuck with a bunch of extra chicks.


10 Years
Feb 10, 2009
Tampa Bay
The only thing you have to figure in is the food to profit ratio. I used to get my chicken feed for $25.00,55 gal. drum full. And at that price I would raise all my chicks here and sell them as started, now I pay TSC cost and it's much more cost efficient to sell the chicks with little invested into them.
Another gamble you'd be making is the price of hens, right now where I'm at you can sell a layer at just about any price you want. But that's not gonna last long. When the price of chickens drops back down to what it was, ( Here anywhere from 5-10 dollars each ) your feed bill will stay the same.
I say sell 'em young if you're worried about recooping feed costs, your layers will reward you enough, and if you keep 'em hatching and selling, you might even make some profit.
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