Raising quail, any suggestions?


Jul 10, 2015
Currently residing in The Golden State
Hello everyone,
I hatch, raise, and keep quail. I hatch in a relatively small incubator with quail egg turners installed. I fed game bird feed when I first started, unaware that it was not suitable for chicks. I am hoping to start on Ranchway Organic Gamebird Starter Feed. It is the only organic option I have found, so I believe that I will be ordering own of the forty pound bags this next batch of quail. I am thinking about trying out jumbo cots this round, as they have good laying tendencies and they seem to have the best broodiness. They will be kept outside in a wood and wire pen and possibly a fenced in area in the orchard for foraging. They will have nesting boxes for the night with hay, sand, and grit as well as their food and water. It stays above ten degrees here almost all of the time, so they should be okay outside once fully feathered. I may free range for short periods when the birds are supervised, but I am still figuring out the logistics. I will supplement their diet with mealworms, greens, vegetables, some fruit, and meats for protein. I am thinking bucket waterers or automatic ones, I haven't had any real experience with the automatics, so they are still quite iffy. My quail are mainly for food at the time, so their temperaments aren't key to me keeping them as long as they aren't flighty in case I need to catch them or move them to their run. I would love to hear from others about possible flaws, good things, and additional features to add to my quail adventure this time around.

Thank you for reading,
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