Raising Quail.....Do You Need A License????

Discussion in 'Quail' started by UrbanMama, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. UrbanMama

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    Sep 27, 2008
    OKay, I am planning on raising chickens....knowing full-well that I'm not supposed to (I went to the town hall, spoke to our building dept. personally and had them check the zoning for our house/land....we aren't supposed to have them...though zoning may be changing soon to allow it) So we made the decision to have "outlaw" chickens. Great, no problem (the man in the zoning office actually said "What he doesn't know...." )

    We also decided to try raising quail (I even bought some eggs from Mrs.AK ) I've been doing some research on quail and one of the things I've read is that you are supposed to have a license to raise quail :eek: A friend of my fathers raises pheasant and he said you do have to have one.

    Now my husband and I have made the decision to knowingly buck the rules by having chickens....but I'm a bit uncomfortable messing with the state. (Wild game=Fish and Wildlife Division)

    Does anyone know what the regulations are for raising quail? Or is it one of those "don't ask, don't tell" kind of thing? Maybe it varies state to state?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated! [​IMG]
  2. wilds of pa

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    If there bobwhite, in pa you only need a permit if your going to sell them or even give them away..but here you dont need one to just have them for personel use....You would really want to look into your game dept's to see what there regs call for when having them..However Depends on what type of quail you have, you may not even need one at all.

  3. Akane

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    Jun 15, 2008
    It varies by state. Some states you need a permit or game breeder's license for possessing any quail species. Some states you only need it for native or nonnative species. Some states you only need one if your selling the meat, birds, or eggs and not if your only raising for your own use. Some states you don't need anything unless you raise a certain number. Trying to figure out the exact laws for your state is really confusing. I still don't have mine straight. Your best bet is to email or call your local fish and game or whatever department handles such issues in your state and ask. Be specific what your raising them for and how many. Just don't give out your name, address, or phone number so they won't know how to find you if you do in fact need a permit.
  4. UrbanMama

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    Sep 27, 2008
    After much discussion, we are going to let some friends have the quail eggs to raise. [​IMG] They already have the game license needed..

    (Totally bummed....was really looking foward to the quail! [​IMG] )

    So I guess the hunt for eggs is back on!

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  5. Cason

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    The permit in Missouri is only $10 per fiscal year.
  6. PurpleChicken

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    Apr 6, 2007
    Quote:I'm not endorsing breaking a state ordinance but if you hatch out some quail eggs
    and keep them in a rabbit hutch or barn how wil you get caught? And if you do
    just say they are your pets.

    We love our quail. I'm not aware of any CT permit for them. I can hear the males
    making their morning calls through my open window as I type this. Quail are a
    great and easy bird to raise, much mire so than chickens.
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  7. asher

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    Jan 26, 2007
    Mountains of NC
    I called about my state here and the state was CLUELESS when I called. I specifically called about button quail. They'd never heard of them before. Then sh said the only way you can keep any quail is if you plan to release and kill them. Ohhh ohhhhkay. [​IMG] [​IMG] Wouldn't they die out if people only kept them to release and kill, but never to breed?

    *sigh* Wev.
  8. Cason

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    Call your Department of Conservation.. or your local game warden if you know him.
  9. spook

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    Apr 21, 2008
    North Central Florida
    In Maine you do need a license, mainly so that when an area that comes up rich with certain birds, they can look at the locals with permits and ask what did they do with their birds.
    Not the same issue, but there were two reticulated (sp) pythons - one found in an apt building washing machine and the other 70 + miles away wrapped in a small truck engine. Now, this is the issue, they are illegal in Maine. Its a guarentee that they don't belong here, could not live a winter on their own, but someone somewhere brought them to this climate and released them.
    The human(s) involved never had any thought on the snakes, finding food etc. So when you have these cute two legged fuzz bunnies, knowing we do (not) have the climate, its cruel to "set them free". (Please, not that I feel you will do this) But most people that do that are ignorent to what happens next to the stray cat, do, hen, hamster etc.
    Ok, I'll get off my soap box, this is not intended against anyone on this site, but they are out there and usually why the law is in place to begin with.
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  10. UrbanMama

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    Sep 27, 2008
    Quote:My husband is "allowing" ( [​IMG] isn't that funny! LOL) me to do the chickens....but his 2 cents is that if the town finds out we have chickens, we'll get a notice to remove them etc. If the state finds out we have quail without the license, you could get arrested for that. (or majorly fined)

    Not to mention, I can't claim ignorance in this situation. I know for a fact what we can and can't have here because I had the man at the town hall look it up for me....with our exact address! [​IMG] So there's no telling the state that I thought I could have birds/livestock/game etc.

    Now, having said all that....I'm planning room in my coop for adding the quail in eventually. Once the zoning changes so that livestock/chickens are allowed, I'll apply for the license for the quail. And if that day never happens....well, I'm sure I can find something to fill the space! [​IMG] LOL

    Thanks to all of you for the information...it's greatly appreciated!
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