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    Apr 17, 2015
    This is just a question, as I am contemplating what I can do with the extra space in my yard.
    Does anyone know what would happen if you kept a flock of JUST roosters, with zero contact with chickens at all. Would it be a violent disaster, or would it be possible to create a "sanctuary home" for all the roosters people are trying to get rid of?
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    I sometimes keep roosters separated in batches, but where everyone can see them. It only works if they are brothers or were brooded together. Some will fight, others get along. You would have problems bringing in roosters from different places, they would fight a lot with or without hens. There is a natural flock structure, and a bunch of unrelated roosters brought together as adults isn't going to work well as a flock.
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    If you went to the article recommended, there is very good advice, you need space and feed, and I liked the idea of even having food at an elevated area. They do need things to get away from other birds.

    I have a bachelor pad, but only until they are big enough. It can work, it might work, and then again it might not.

    Mrs K

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