Raising single turkey?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by Kaianuanu, Feb 20, 2014.

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    Apr 25, 2012
    I joined a while back when I purchased a duckling who unfortunately died of unknown causes, since then, I haven't been on here. Anyway, recently I decided that it would be awesome to have a free range turkey (hopefully a tom) in my backyard. I live on a third of an acre in a suburban neighborhood with a pretty big backyard (relatively) that is fenced in with 6 foot wood fences and one side has what I think is a four foot chainlink fence. So he should have plenty of room as an adult. I think I shouldn't have too much trouble keeping a turkey with clipped wings in my yard though. Anyway, what I was wondering is if you guys think i can raise a single poult successfully. I have done lots of googling but haven't found too much information specifically addressing hand raising a single poult. Also, do you think a heritage bronze with clipped wings will get out of my yard, if not, I'd probably be better off with a broad breasted bird. If you think I need to stick to BB's for their lack of agility, I wouldn't have a problem harvesting the bird if he gets too fat.
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    Turkey's are flock birds so one is not a good idea.
    Toms gobbles are loud. Can be heard in the wild up to a mile away.
    Your neighbors might have something to say about that.
    Full grown toms don't fly top high. Hens fly higher.
    The younger they are the higher they fly.
    BB have a short life span compared to heritage birds.

    my 2cents, you might be better off with a couple of heritage hens.
    You will get eggs to eat for a few months out of the year also.
    Mind you i have had some hens that are load.
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    Agred, they are flock birds and would do better in a group. Plus turkeys are supposedly more difficult to raise compared to chickens And ducks. I haven't raised turkeys myself, maybe someone else can confirm or deny that.

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