Raising Standard and Bantams together


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Will be ordering our chicks in February. Thinking of getting 10-12 Standard poulets (Ameraucana, Australorp, Turken, Specked Sussex, Welsummer,
Banevelder, Barred Rock, RIR) and 'maybe' 5 Bantams (d Uccles, Dutch, Ameraucana, RIR, Wynandotte). Would like to hear from those who've raised Standard/Bantams together regarding pros/cons. My concern is - - will the Standards beat up the Bantams??? They will be housed in a large covered run, and allowed to free range when we are in yard. Input welcomed!


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I have raised standards and bantams together without a single issue. In fact, one of my silkies ended up as a high ranking hen that would give low ranking yet standard hens a hard time if they forgot their place in the pecking order.


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Sounds like a nice little flock. We have raised bantams and large fowl together for years, no problem. The only thing my flock will not accept is the Crested breeds, and it doesn't matter what size of bird we are dealing with. But, the bantams you picked are more hardy then the average Silkie.

I have noticed our birds distancing themselves. For example our Cochin bantams pal around with our other Cochin bantams. So it is very possible that your bantams will befriend the other bantams, and the large fowl will befriend the other large fowl. The groups don't gang up on each other, that is just whom they prefer to hang out with.

You may have some problems with getting the bantams properly feed as the large fowl (as chicks or adults) may push them away from the feeder. You may have to brood them separately, but if you have enough space and feeders you should be fine. Just keep an eye out on them to make sure they aren't getting bullied. If you notice a really mean chicken it is best to not keep those, the flock will be more peaceful without them.


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They should be fine. I have a flock of free-ranging chickens led by a RIR rooster. Two of the hens are bantam cochins, and they have never had a problem with the other birds. Actually, I've hatched two RIR x bantam cochin chicks and have two eggs in the bator that will be the same cross, so, obviously, they have more than tolerated each other

Are you getting them from a hatchery? If so, expect mixed-breed Easter Eggers rather than Ameraucanas.


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In my experience - I get chicks shipped from Texas. These bigger chicks just run the little guys over. Once they are here I separate them to different brooders, till the weakest little ones are stronger. They graduate to a playpen together then at about 4 weeks separate them again --- they are also separating themselves. Usually will find one breed in a group and so on - occasionally a hen will bond to the wrong breed young roo - but that is easily solved with time.

Tiny serama, bantam old english and d anvers just dont stand a chance with some big fat orpingtons...
Your mix shouldn't be too much of an issue, go to the sight you are ordering from and it will describe them by weight. Be sure to make special allowance for tiny bantams and water - they'll drown real easy.

But, i know others that don't separate at all - everyone grows up together.
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I winter Dutchies, Sebrights, bantam cochins, bantam Sultans, and Silkies in with my LF, and I have no problems. However, as chicks the larger breeds can accidentally crush the bantam chicks, so I keep mine separate until they are at least six weeks old. I introduce new batches in the grow out pen inside the main coop, and by the time they're ready for the main flock they all get along. The key, I believe, is giving them plenty of room AND providing bolt holes for chickens to retreat to in the event of a fight. I keep bantam size boxes on the floors, and my feeders are on shelves high enough for a chicken to scoot under but low enough to discourage egg laying under there. It works for me.


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We have a bantam rooster and hen that free range with my standard chickens. Actually my bantam rooster rules the roost around here. My young Buff Orp rooster is 5 times bigger than the bantam, but he know his place. That bantam rooster watches over all the hens and he will chase that Buff Orp roo. WHen he gets done setting things straight he flys up on the fence and crows about it. It is the funniest thing to watch such a small rooster in charge.

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I know this is probably an old thread but I am interested in knowing if I can house Standard Partridge Cochin with Standard Polish and Standard Sultans? I realize that Cochins are a lot more heavier at times, but they will be coming from the same place at the same age. I've always loved the cochin breed and they'll be sexed females, the only roosters I'll have is the White Crested Blue Polish and the White Sultan. I'm only adding two of these to my flock which will consist of 10 sultans (9 females & 1 male), 6 Polish ( 2 buff laced females, 2 white crested blue females, 1 silver laced polish and 1 white crested blue polish rooster). My reason for doing this is I've had no luck finding silkies in my area and there was another breed but I have had no luck finding that one. So I thought maybe just maybe I might get away with have 2 Partridge Cochin in my flock.

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