Raising to sell ducks?

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    I have a couple of questions on selling ducks..Do people buy mixed ducks or is purebred the way to go?I know easter eggers and mixed chickens Don't sell well .so I'm wondering how ducks do. I have a Cayuga duck his names lucky and looking to get some female duck friends for him..one more question do ducks incubate there own eggs...ive had chickens hatch chicks but I've never done ducks before any help is appreciated.
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    As far as what sells the best, it really depends on your local market, who is buying, and what they're buying for. Around here, a majority of people won't pay big bucks for rare breed ducks--domestic breeds that is. There's just not a big appreciation for them in my area. In my experience selling excess ducks, a majority of my buyers were looking to butcher. Breed didn't/doesn't matter to them. However, there seems to be a big market for geese, chickens, and ornamentals around here. People like them, and raise them and will pay for them. Point being: it depends on where you are, and you'll find out who will buy what and what they want once you start selling often.

    Do ducks hatch their own eggs? Yes they do. Just like chickens, some breeds are more prone to it than others. My Saxonies and Muscovies are great setters. Really depends on breed and individual!
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    Yep, it all depends on what people are buying. I sold mixed ducks really easy here. I now breed and raise Call Duck. I incubate them for quick sale at 2 days old. If momma raised its around 6 weeks she weans them. It's hard to sell Drakes. Many times I give them away.
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