raising turkeys first time


7 Years
May 30, 2012
Hi this is my first time raising turkeys. They are just over a week old.Is it normal for them to be noisy at first it was really cute but they are pretty vocal at times. We have raised chickens but never turkeys so this is a little different. I was wondering if anyone could give me some good pointers. These are broad breasted white turkeys we are raising for Holiday dinners. Thanks
Hi and welcome to BYC from NY State!

I've never raised turkeys so I can' help with that. But good luck with them!
Welcome, and I did notice my turkeys were quite a bit noisier than the chickens. Way more active too. Had to put a lid on the brooder at 2 weeks to keep them in and its 3 feet high.
from Alabama. Glad you joined us. Oh, it's definitely normal lol. All of ours have been more much more vocal than chicks, too. They're also curious about everything, and even now our big toms follow us around in the yard to see what we're up to lol.
Hi thanks to all who replied I am glad to know that it is normal for the turkeys to be noisy and that nothing is wrong. I think I am going to enjoy raising them here in Ohio.

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