raising white pekin ducks


9 Years
Mar 2, 2010
i live on a 40 acre lake with about 36 houses around the lake. i have muscovey ducks and canadian geese come up in the yard-i have 11 chicken that free range during the day. As a 13 year old i had 1 white pekin duck that laid the best tasting egg ever. i kept her with the other chickens i had and she had nothing but a wash tub to swim in.i would like to have 5 to 10 ducks for eggs and i want them to free range the lake during the day. I would like suggestions on how to keep them in the yard for feeding and laying eggs but maybe letting them out to swim in the lake during the day.. Will they come back to shelter and food each evening? do you build them a "hen house" to sleep in? Is the white pekin egg the best duck egg to eat or is there a better one? thanks for any help.
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They'll need a house of some sort to keep them safe at night from predators. Other than clipping wings and fencing you can't really keep them contained. There is also no guarantee that they'll come back at night after being out on the lake, there is a good chance they'll stick around the wild Muscovies.

I like Peking eggs, they're big and delicious. Muscovy eggs are good too though. I'd go with the Peking over Muscovy if I had to choose.
If they are true Pekins....... you do not need to clip wings because they don't "fly". All ducks can temporarily "fly" but cannot migrate like mallards.
I have 2 female Pekin ducks from Metzers. They are so sweet! They are 3 weeks old tomorrow, and they are already growing their feathers, and quacking! I built an outdoor enclosure for them, when they are adults. I bought a chainlink dog kennel, it has hard plastic netting on top, with a tarp on top of that, stall mats as the bedding, a kiddy pool, a dog house, and these slats that I put in to keep it draft free! I can't let them free range due to our dogs, and we put pesticides in our grass. these are my first ducks, so I havent had their eggs yet, but I have heard great things about pekin eggs. You can train them to lock themselves in their house for the night, or you can just go out and put them in in like the evening. Yeah, they will know where to go for food, so just keep it in the same spot, and they should find it fine!

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