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    Well, Christmas is just a few weeks away, and yet it seems like yesterday I was watching the 9/11 memorial service on TV. This past weekend I got my first egg from my chickens. My girls are growing up! Took me a few days to figure out who was laying, but when my friend was over to see how the chicks she sold me had grown she went to pet the black australorp and she did her little dance, and I knew!!! She has laid 3 small eggs so far. Very excited for when all the girls are laying! So basically I am saying I got one Christmas gift early when my husband presented me with the first egg! [​IMG]

    I am a crafter as a hobby and I make bracelets and key chains that I sell at craft shows. This past weekend I sold my only rooster bracelet to a little girl who has a pet Silkie that lives in her bedroom with her. She also has chickens that she keeps outside. She showed me a picture of herself from Halloween and she was dressed up as Col. Sanders from KFC and was carrying her silkie around with her. Too funny. [​IMG]

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    [​IMG] That's gotta be the best Halloween costume I've ever heard of!!! [​IMG]Congrats on the eggs!

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