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  1. Bruins

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    Jan 26, 2015
    Frederick Co, MD
    I plan to build my coop with space under the coop so the chickens can go under it if they want . My question is how high of a ramp to the chicken door can they manage .

    Can I build the coop with 2 or 3 ft under it and they walk up a long ramp to get in ? Or do they need a shorter ramp and height ?
  2. Ridgerunner

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    Feb 2, 2009
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    Silkies can’t fly so they will need a ramp. Even chicks two weeks old of breeds that can fly shouldn’t have any real problems flying up a couple of feet if they really want to. Most full sized grown chickens I’ve had would prefer to jump/fly down from two or three feet instead of use a ramp but some will. You can make it easier on them if you wish though. They might or might not use it.

    I’d suggest a 30 degree angle on a ramp. For every one foot oh height go out horizontal about 1.7 feet. That will be close enough. Just put a few strips across to help them get their footing and they can easily use that. I know some people use steeper ones and they work but you wanted a suggestion. No matter what number anyone gives, someone will come up with a different one. A lot of different things work.

    You could also build a series of steps out of wood or stack cinder blocks, something like that. Some will use it and some will ignore it.

    For a two foot or a three foot height, you probably do want to do something.
  3. FarmerMac

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    Dec 28, 2014
    My coop is about 30 inches off the ground and I have a 5 foot ramp. Make sure they have small boards running across the long board, (mine are about every 8 inches) so they can use for traction to come down and climb. A long ramp is easier for the young chickens, older chicken will flap their wings to climb up shorter ramps.

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