Random 1 year old death. . . thoughts, ideas?

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    Tonight we lost one of our nearly one year old girls. Up until about a week ago she was spritely and normal. She started getting droopy, lethargic, didn't want to eat much, had white watery droppings, comb/wattle became pale. We separated her and checked her over. . . no signs of infection, injury, etc. . . crop appeared normal. . . couldn't feel any indication of being egg bound. We kept her separate and fed her egg yolk for protein, added probiotics to her water, and tried to encourage her to eat/drink. However, tonight she died. I'm at a loss as to what the cause may have been. . . the rest of our girls look fine (13 others, mixed breeds).

    Does anyone have any ideas of what this may have been? I'm wondering about the possibility of internal injuries we couldn't see or if maybe she ate something she shouldn't have while running around.

    We had another girl do this late last summer and she rebounded after a few days of being coddled.
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    Did you deworm her. It could have been worms. Any thoughts about opening her up to try to see what may of killed her.

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