Random Things That Got Accomplished Today


Head of the Night Crew for WA State
14 Years
Jan 27, 2009
I sorted out the plants in the greenhouse.

I helped DH with building the cover for the run.

I made the bed, but now I need to go and get in it.
I took the dogs out,made some coffee,fed the dogs,frogs,toads,voles,and red wigglers.Not much but it is 7:30am for me and raining outside.Dh is stopping home maybe so I am just starting oncleaning up the clutter.
Besides the daily chores including laundry, I processed 2 turkeys and 1 chicken, walked out to the pond and fed the fish which is always relaxing, bought a bar/island for the game room which included picking it up and getting it home today, and still managed to get hubby to take the fam out for dinner!!

Great day!!
I had a party!!!!!

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