Randy drake


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6 Years
Aug 13, 2013
I've got a drake who is 5 months old and tried to mate with my female ducks this morning who at a couple of weeks younger,I'm new to keeping call ducks and found this strange because they haven't started laying yet and because I thought the mating season was over

Nah, pretty typical, i had a 3mth old trying the concept out the other day lol As it genuinely starts to cool down the desire will wain but all my drakes including my mature ones have been mating, we've been in a warm spell(ok, hot was over a hundred) but have now dropped to the 50's, i still have a few laying as well, and 2 trying to sit nests. Technically, it's still summer for about a week +, in the past my ladies have discontinued laying in October, and slowed off in September.

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