Randy Silkie Roosters

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    Apr 1, 2009
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    I have 2 Buff Roos, 1 White Hen and 1 Cuckoo Hen. The Buff boys like the hens a lot, but when they catch them the hen is unwilling (they have not layed an egg yet). My standard SLW comes to the rescue but pecks the hen who laying down being submissive. I have 4 other banty hens, but two are broody and the other two are fast. So poor Snowflake and Betty. Yesterday I found them on the roost at 5:30 PM. I picked them up and felt of their crops and they were empty. I have suspected that they have not been getting down during the day because of being constantly chased. So I have them locked up together with the 8 week olds so the Roosters can't get them. So what to do? Separate enclosure for (silkie) hens and roosters? Get rid of one rooster and put them back together? I'm keeping them separated until they fatten up a little and then I will have to make other arrangements. What solutions do ya'll have? BTW my silkies are pets, not breeders, but I love the crow of my little guys in the AM. TIA
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    One rooster can handle up to eight hens. You have a too many roos to hens ratio, and the hens are most likely being beaten up by the boys. I'd take the most aggressive roo out of there and find him a new home or separate the boys with one to two girls each roo. I would also separate the Silkies from the other larger breeds, but that may be just my opinion and there may not be any good reason for that other than spoiling them. [​IMG] I keep all of my Silkies separate from other chickens.

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