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Rant about businesses that want ppl to go out in bad/nasty weather

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by WIChookchick, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. WIChookchick

    WIChookchick Songster

    Aug 25, 2010
    Rural Brooklyn, WI
    I am on FB, and one of our local businesses is one I frequent alot and buy alot of stuff from, they are in a strip mall on a side road.
    Both Sat and Sun, they put out on their FB page an update, basically saying ppl should come in, that they were open and that the weather was something we had all dealt with before...
    Which was a massive snow storm w/ blizzard warnings (current at the time of the posts), White out conditions, icy and slick roads, the bus service had been canceled for the day,
    pile ups were happening, a section of highway between to small cities was closed to slid offs and bad conditions. The state/city and county officials pleaded w/ ppl to stay home.
    And this store's employee's OR owner wants people to come out, simply because they had a sale on saturday and were open late on both days.
    I posted on there update... how wrong it was to do that, and that they should want people to be safe.

    Have you had a business you work with, go to a lot, or other place want people to do stupid things just to save a buck???

  2. TigerLilly

    TigerLilly I failed Chicken Math

    Jul 18, 2010
    Central Florida
    It's simply a matter of economics & advertising. The economy is so bad that it's all about the 'almighty dollar.'
    Also, you might want to consider that others may not have found it offensive--some people may be suffering from cabin fever (I do & I'm in Florida) & have a NEED to get out, justified by someone having a sale on a miserable day.
    Don't let it get to ya--most people are smart enough to make good decisions & not go out in dangerous weather. Also, corporate may be breathing down the necks of individual stores to get them to bring up their sales #...
  3. destiny_56085

    destiny_56085 Songster

    May 29, 2009
    Sleepy Eye, MN
    Been there done that.... I work at one of the major casinos up here in MN. If you guys haven't heard, we just had a major blizzard this weekend that dumped anywhere up to 21" of snow and temps are well below 0. Heck the Metrodome even caved in.... All the highways were closed down. Well the place I work had a major dart tournament going on. People started rolling in on wednesday night and had the hotel booked solid through til sunday. Because they were busy, the casino expected us to show up anyways or face getting call-ins on our record. We are only allowed 3 call-ins per year. Well I have a big truck and barely made it home after my shift on friday night. Saturday morning the state pulled all the plows and shut the highways down. This place is out in the middle of nowhere and 10 miles from any town too. The workers still on duty at the casino weren't allowed to leave. Some were there from friday afternoon til sunday afternoon with nowhere to sleep or to take a shower. I think 30+ of us called in on Saturday anyways. Its MN and this weather isn't going to get any better til April or so. Its a completely different story if the weather is bad on a slow weeknight. Then they get down to bare bones staff and send everyone home after 2 hours since that is all they guarantee us.
  4. SillyChicken

    SillyChicken Crowing

    Jan 12, 2010
    lol, so if we venture out we're stupid? [​IMG]

    I actually love driving in crappy weather, storms, snow etc. Just have to be smart while you're doing it. I find the stores to be less busy, so I will pick these days just to go out.
  5. welsummerchicks

    welsummerchicks Songster

    Jul 26, 2010
    Everywhere I have ever worked all my adult life, I was expected to come in regardless of weather. It was extremely rare that any company would declare a snow day and allow people to stay home. If anyone made it in, even if they lived two blocks away, generally, most everyone is expected to come in. Sometimes I lived over 60 miles each way from where I worked. I was expected to come in. End of sentence.

    Anyone who stayed home for a blizzard, got into trouble, and they had to use up one of their vacation days for the time, and in most cases, also make up the work.

    That is just reality. That's how most companies are.

    In a few cases, I was allowed to decide if I was risking my safety, and could stay home in that case, but I had a computer and was working from home anyway. And it was understood that I was absolutely not to stretch it out to another day, in any case.

    The reality of it is, basically, that if you aren't willing to come in when the weather is bad, someone else will be perfectly happy to have your job, and they will come in. Many of the people I worked with from other countries, were appalled at that, as well as shocked by how many people came to work when they were sick. And yes, if you were sick, you were expected to come to work. Again, if you got sick a lot, there would be someone available who did not get sick often.

    Bottom line, most jobs expect a lot, and there is very little variation to that.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2010

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