Rant: Book Sellers


Langshan Lover
11 Years
Jan 4, 2009
Claremore, OK
If this is you, you deserve to be outed.

I purchased a book on half.com for 75 cents (whoop for me!!!) The total for my text book and shipping was $4.35. I emailed the person 3 times asking if she had shipped my book. No reply. It was media mail so it's gonna take a while. The last day for it's arrival came and went and I contacted her twice more.

Again, no reply. I contacted paypal and filed a claim.

All of a sudden, who wants to send me the book?

First it was "Oh I'm so sorry! I'll send it to you right now at no extra charge through priority!"

Now it's "I'll send you the book free (remember, 75 cents originally) for the price of priority mail!" So now I would have to pay for the postage of the book...which I seem to remember already paying for with the original transaction. Anyone else see the problem here?!

I've already received the same book from another seller.

Good Lord. How hard is it to actually check your emails when you KNOW you are selling something?!

Shame on the seller!
I buy books a lot of time from Better World Books. They have great sales, I just bought 19 books at about 2.50 each. Shipping is free. What's good, other than me saving a bunch of money is that the books are saved from adding to the land fill. Most of the books come from libraries. I am not connected in any way with this company, just a happy customer who loves books and likes not paying a lot for them.
Oh that's really annoying... I hate it when people say they'll do something and then back out. Worse in this case because now she's trying to get more money from you on top of the previous offense. If she flaked on sending it after payment once why in the world does she think you'd trust her word when she says she'll send it this time?

Especially with a text book, you know people needs those by X date... like ordering 2010 Christmas cards, due on Dec 1st and them not being ready until the 26th... too little too late.
I would tell her you want a refund if you have already gotten another book. She backed out of the deal when she did not send it. I would not give her any more money!

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