RANT: People that don't take care of their animals!!!!


11 Years
Oct 12, 2011
Well, our 2 month old kitten is missing. My grandma was leaving and she followed her out, when my grandma started the car it terrified her and she ran into the woods. (We live in the woods.. so she only had to sprint about 15 feet to the left)

So we have been looking and calling for her for 2 days now. (I'm really worried she may have frozen to death, it's been in the teens the past 2 nights.)

Well anyway, today it was actually mild, in the 60s. So I decided to go trekking through the woods calling her, maybe she ran up a tree and didn't know how to get down.

I learned 2 things about my 2 neighbors, respectively. The first set has no set of morals regarding trashing the planet (disgusting garbage and furniture thrown behind our house, but not on our property). The second set has no respect for animals.

Now, the second set, I always knew they didn't particularly care about their animals because their dogs are tied up in mud. When it rains they have a moat of water around them and their doghouse with no shelter as far as trees go. We have complained, and no one has done anything.

But today I discovered they also have chickens and turkeys, tucked away behind their property and almost on our property.
They are kept in a sheltered enclosure filled with hay, mud, and fossilized feces. Their only visible water bowl had maggot looking worms in it and smelled putrid. They had no visible food source. The enclosure was rotted and had mold growing over it.

The hens were coughing and sneezing, and their clucks were gurgled. Granted, these critters were in better conditions than poultry in the food industry, they had room to move, and access to sunshine, had some perches. There about 10 total birds.
But... They were covered in mud and feces, and the one rooster's spurs had been sawed off.

There were 2 turkeys, both toms. Beautiful birds, aside from the mud. They didn't have as much mud because they were so much taller than the chickens.

They were all afraid of me of course, and the turkeys were somewhat aggressive. I stood there outside the pen with their one tiny window and, stupidly, put my hand through the wiring.

They all stopped and stared and didn't move. Then one of the hens crept toward me and gave me a curious tasting peck. Then the rooster came and gave me a tasting peck. Then the turkeys came to me and gobbled furiously so I withdrew my hand.

It was really sad seeing them in that cramped little shed. Even if these birds are being raised solely to be eaten, they should at least take better care of them.

There were no visible nesting boxes unless they were on the one wall I couldn't see.

Why have animals if you're going to leave them in mud and feces?? Especially if you are going to be eaten those birds, wouldn't you want them to, I don't know, BE HEALTHY?? So that you don't get diseases yourself?
That's terrible, Desirai. It's so upsetting to think that that's all those animals see, they're not even able to free range to get away. I hate to think that those people truly don't care and don't have any intentions to fix the situation. So sad. I hope things for those animals get better.
Yeah... unfortunately in my area there's just not any rescue groups or anything other than the local animal shelter.
If I report them, they'll be seized and taken to the animal shelter and probably PTS.
But.. maybe that's better than having them live a suffering life. I don't know, it's a catch 22.

If I had a coop built I would offer to buy their birds immediately. (..or just steal them, but I think that's illegal)
That's a really tough situation, alright. Is there any way you could let them free-range for a while while you get their coop built? You might be able to offer to help them out, make an excuse like you just "love birds" and would like to spend some time with them. Then you could give them a better life even though they still belong to the neighbor.

Yeah, I'd be tempted to make them just "disappear" too . . . but that's a little hard to do when you live right next door . . . "Hey, where are all my birds?? What the heck?? Wait a second, I think I still hear them . . . what are they doing in Desirai's yard?"
Well I'm waiting for my income tax so I can build my coop. That's the only thing stopping me so far, is I just don't have the financial assets right now to build one. Otherwise I totally would!
I'm wondering though..... if it's possible their coop is on our property. Because it's way behind their house in the woods, obviously so people don't know they're there.
And our land extends a good 7 sq acres.

It's something I think I will look into.
I didn't read all the posts but the first, so sorry if this has been mentioned already,

if you have a city nearby, even if you don't have a local rescue group, the aspca in that nearby city will look into the complaint...time to give them a call, they should not own animals, and someone has to speak for those little creatures. very sad indeed...

Dang. according to my grandparents, their chickens are a mere 5 ft over their line so they aren't on our property. But if that's truly the case, they've dumped trash on our land. There's like a half rotted couch back there.
Well I'm waiting for my income tax so I can build my coop. That's the only thing stopping me so far, is I just don't have the financial assets right now to build one. Otherwise I totally would!

Desirai, I collected used lumber and tin for my coop. I did have to buy treated 4x4 posts , nails and hardware cloth. I spent probably $300 and that Includes paying a friend $60 to drill the holes for the posts with a auger and help put up the rafters and get the tin roof on. You can haunt the reject rack at Lowes and buy lumber at 1/2 price! Good luck on your coop and let us know how it turns out.

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