RANT Why do people take on pets/chickens/livestock???

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Hens & Hounds, Dec 8, 2011.

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  1. Hens & Hounds

    Hens & Hounds Chillin' With My Peeps

    May 11, 2011
    To make a very long story longer...I will try to just stick to the facts.

    I have a neighbor who I have known about 7 years now, he is a 50+ year old man from India, he is a home health aid for a handicapped boy & goes to India every winter for 2 months to visit family.

    In the beginning of this year (January 2011) I made the mistake of telling him that we were getting day old baby chicks from a farm near by....well that was the beginning of the end of our friendship : (

    He came along w/ us that day & picked out 4 baby chicks (2 BO's, 1 BR, 1 EE) well 2 of them died & I am not still not sure that their deaths were not his fault : (

    So fast forwarding, he ordered a coop from the owner of that farm to be made (which by the way was made all wrong!) didn't have ventilation, roosts, or hardware cloth....but my DH did fix all that he could & that our neighbor would let him as he always said in India the chickens just run wild & they are not pampered & are fine [​IMG]

    So now the 4x6 (give or take a foot) was delivered & we took him to TSC to purchase a 10x10x6 dog run which my DH wired over & sank four 4x4 posts & made a covered run for his 17 chickens! YES I said 17 chickens!!!

    These were all acquired over the couple of months following the death of the 2 original 4 & what it makes it worse is I AM THE ONE WHO TRANSPORTED THEM!! He is not a US citizen nor does he drive [​IMG] Every time I had to go to get supplies (bedding, feed, scratch, calcium, DE, grit, etc...) I would ask if he needed anything & of course he would say "I want to come along" & he acquired 6 more to add to the original from Agway.

    I was very stern w/ him saying that it was not fair to get more when you will be going away for 2 months & nobody to care for them! He always said back to me, "what is the difference whether I have 4 or 14?" My argument back was always the same ...they need more space, more $food$, & there will be more poop to clean & its just more responsibility to be dumped onto someone when he is out of the country for 2 months in one of the worst possible season to have chickens...being Winter.

    He would yell & scream at me that he always wanted chickens & why must I deny him of them [​IMG] May I add...he thinks like a child & wants something when HE WANTS IT! So as the months went on the day came in March when he had to go pay the balance of the $800.00 coop he was having built & I had to take him back to that farm AGAIN.....&&&& YUP you guessed it he wondered off away from me & picked out MORE chickens w/ no concern of biosecurity of respect for the chickens he already had or mine either!

    He ended up having 16/17 chickens...I think he has 2 BR hens, 2 BO hens, a breeding pair of millie fluer d'uccle's, 1 white silkie hen, 1 buff silkie rooster, 1 gold laced sebright hen, 1 black bantam cochin hen, 1 white bantam cochin hen, & I think the rest are EE's. I will have to go & take pictures of the coop run & chickens as I can't even remember what he has [​IMG]

    He rents a house around the block from me & his landlord lives directly behind him, he never asked him if he could have the chickens he just assumed it would be ok since the landlords 3 children acquired a huge BO rooster that lives in their garage at night & free ranges during the day.

    The landlord does not seem to mind the chickens too much but I really am not sure what he thinks as he is kinda stand offish & doesn't really talk to me...he did have a huge say in the location where the coop was dropped on delivery day & it is not in the ideal location.

    So my neighbor left on Monday for India & said he paid the landlords daughter (12-13 yr old) $400.00 to take care of the chickens telling her just to make sure they have food & water & take the eggs & NOT to worry about cleaning the sand run nor the coop, which is fine if he was using DLB (deep litter bedding) which he is NOT! They have NO roosts but stand/sleep on top of the 12 flat topped nest boxes on raw wood w/ NO bedding which he said he don't want there as they scratch it all over & into their hanging feeder/waterer which sits across from the nest boxes [​IMG]

    He said he scrapes the poop every 2-3 days but when he is gone its ok if it does not get done, they will be fine [​IMG] Well, the ammonia smell is terrible & nothing to soak it up & I was not the one that was paid to take care of them as I made it perfectly clear when he kept buying more that I would not be able to take care of that many chickens in such a small space & for him to thin out that flock [​IMG]

    He told me right before he left that he did not want them anymore & to get rid of all of them the coop & the run :O
    I said how much & he said FREE! I said you are a fool you have a lot of $$ invested...as usual he said he didn't care & that he would offer it all to the landlord...which I left a note there saying to whomever is tending this flock if you do not want them or cant get them good homes I will try to find them good homes & left my number.

    My neighbor never wanted his landlord to talk w/ me or my DH & would not leave an exchange of phone numbers before he left...hmmm I wonder why? [​IMG]

    On tuesday I drove over there to find the conditions he left the coop in was like what it would smell/look like after 2 months of noone cleaning it! He had no bedding so I had to get back in car & get a bag from my garage & bring it back & I flung it all over the inside of the coop & opened the vents that he had closed...the walls were damp & the humidity was extremely high [​IMG]

    Both his inside & outside feeder was only 1/4 full so I topped them off, threw them scratch along w/ a gallon size baggie I brought w/ me of oatmeal, pumpkin seeds, raisins, grapes, cornbread, grated cheese, quinoa, brown rice & mealworms......they were in heaven! He never gave them any treats other than white rice when he made a huge amount for himself for the week [​IMG]

    I looked over all the chickens & the one that was my favorite, a splash silkie that I remembered being all puffy & fuzzy when he got her was now covered in poop/dirt w/ her head fuzz all wet & sticky, her feet clumped w/ poop & shaking in a corner.....so I went back home got a cat carrier filled w/ shavings & confiscated her!

    So now I am waiting to see how long it takes someone to notice a chicken missing....we shall see [​IMG]

    I had to give her 2 baths & it took 45 mins to blow dry her which she fell asleep during the process. She was wrapped in a towel from the dryer w/ one of those "Snuggle Safe" frisbee looking things that you heat for 4 mins in a microwave & let me tell you she was in her glory!!! I never seen that chicken so happy : )

    She never slept in his coop as it was pitch black in there & common sense tells me w/ all that fluff she couldn't see well so why should she go into a blck hole at night when the porch light shined on the pen leaving her to sleep on the ramp to the pop door which in my opinion was probably better for her respiratory anyway!

    He always called that chicken stupid when in fact she is not stupid she just could not see thru all her fluff [​IMG] that is why when he threw food she didn't run w/ the others to eat it up....then once her head was all wet & matted she could see well & he said oh, I guess you were right Jackie [​IMG] ummmm heck ya I was right!!

    It doesn't take a rocket scientist top figure that one out! But, she still never hung out w/ any of the other chickens & I would watch them pick on her & feel bad whenever I was there dropping him off or picking him up to take him to the store *sigh*

    He called her Cloudy or more often Dummy, so now she is in my possession & I renamed her Lovey! She is truly a snuggle puss & seems very content as I have her in my basement in quarantine in a MidWest Great Dane dog crate along w/ pine shavings, a sand bath, cup of grit, cup of calcium, 2 waters, & a chick feeder filled w/ crumbles & a treat dish filled w/ pumpkin seeds, safflower seed, freeze dried mealworms & oats.

    I made her a nesting area & she is nesting as I type so maybe I will have a little Lovey egg when I go down to check on her : )
    She seems to love my birds radio on upstairs & hearing them singing. I was worried about her being alone down there so I gave her a mirror & she loves that she can look at another one like her & it doesn't attack her ; )

    She was free of mites & lice but I will still have to watch her health for the next month before I can even consider slowly introducing her to my flock...I am hoping that my black & blue silkie which are both broody now will pal around w/ her making us have 11 chickens....wonder what color chicks you get from 2 splashes as my only roo is a splash also ; )

    I have a 9x9 converted doll house shed coop & a 20x30 enclosed sand run which should be roomy enough to add another silkie to.

    Sooooo, w/ all this rambling I am now faced w/ what to do w/ the remaining 16 chickens, coop & run [​IMG]
    I have not gone to his house to check on them yet & even though it really is not my responsibility they are NOT out of site out of mind : ( I am somewhat of a control freak & I just can't sleep not knowing if something goes wrong there like the 60 watt black heat lamp that is hanging w/ an extension cord has dust on it & starts a fire cause we are going down to freezing all this week [​IMG]

    I am waiting for a phone call from the landlord since they read my note so I know what my next actions should be & even if they wanted the chickens for the coop & run that flock needs to trimmed down...there is too heavy of a BIOLOAD on that coop & run : (

    I have no one to rant to about this so I am hoping it was ok that I vented on everyone here...please forgive me but I am a menopausal mess over here & really do not know what to do next. I keep saying the Serenity Prayer but yet I still worry about those birds : (

    Anyone want to offer me any advice, I will consider everyone's advice/opinions....

    Thank you all for listening!

    PS I will post pics of the chickens that are still there w/ the coop & run as soon as I can but in the mean time......

    Meet Lovey! (these were all taken as she was finishing drying yesterday)



    I couldn't take a before pic as I was too busy crying about her condition [​IMG]

    OK I am off to go check on her & drive over to neighbors house...again....oh why do I do this to myself..........
  2. debber

    debber Out Of The Brooder

    Nov 14, 2010
    On I just love Lovey! Good for you for getting her out of there! She's purdy! [​IMG]
    Good luck with "operation chicken liberation"
  3. thekid

    thekid Chillin' With My Peeps

    Personally I believe in the 4 sq ft rule (dont have chickens i have quail but one day shall have chickens) so in a 10 by 10 which is 100 sq ft you could keep 25 in there, BUT they must be kept clean atleast a minium of once a week. With fresh sand and pine shavings. But if I were you I would take the chickens and find them nice loving homes...
  4. SillyChicken

    SillyChicken Overrun With Chickens

    Jan 12, 2010
    I'm glad you're there to help... but I also think you're enableing him. Help get the chickens out of there and don't do anything more to help him get more or anything regarding animals! maybe gardening would be a better hobby for him!

    Also, ya'll got to keep in mind that people in different countries, esp ones like India, have a whole different mindset about livestock and pets.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2011
  5. Sonoran Silkies

    Sonoran Silkies Flock Mistress

    Jan 4, 2009
    Tempe, Arizona
    It is not your business to tell him what he can or cannot do, and you should only give him advice if he asks. I would stop notifying him of when you are making trips to the feed store, and if he asks you to take him, find a reason that that will not work (you have plans to meet someone for lunch afterwards, or whatever would prevent you from being able to take him). Do you take him grocery or clothes shopping? Or tell him what he should/should not purchase? Get out of his business and maybe he will grow up, or at least will not feel that he must prove his ability to take care of chickens.

    It is not your place to determine how he cares for his birds. If you are concerned for their welfare, call the humane society.
  6. Debbiesflocks

    Debbiesflocks Chillin' With My Peeps

    Jul 20, 2011
    Wow I don't know if i should post this? Did your friend give you permission to take the little silkie?
  7. dainerra

    dainerra Chillin' With My Peeps

    Jun 4, 2011
    Quote:great post! just let him take care of his birds as he sees fit. If you feel it is a violation or inhumane, report him. otherwise, [​IMG]
  8. Marcymom3

    Marcymom3 Chillin' With My Peeps

    You picked a perfect name for her.

    You have been such a good neighbor, and I think the guy now knows you will pitch in and take care of those chickens. When the landlord calls you back, let him what you are willing to take..the run, the coop, and any of the chickens. If you don't want the chickens that are left and you know someone who will take them, that's great. If not, then call the humane society. When (and if) the guy comes back from India, I would strongly suggest that you not offer to take him to Agway with you. And if he insists, remind him that this is not India, and there are expectations in this country for keeping animals of any kind. If you don't, this will happen again and you will be left holding the bag again.

    Best of luck with your pretty new Lovey!

  9. dainerra

    dainerra Chillin' With My Peeps

    Jun 4, 2011
    Other than the birds being dirty, there isn't really anything he did that was inhumane or illegal. Even if the smell was bad, if the birds weren't sick the most he would have gotten is a "clean this up" And I mean REALLY sick.

    He didn't give them treats?? seriously, that's part of the argument?
    They had food, they had water, they had shelter. Legally, that is all he is required to provide. Even by standards used by many on this board he had less birds than his run would hold.

    If the landlord had a say in where the coop was placed on the property, it's probably a good bet that he doesn't mind the guy having the birds.

    It's great that you offered to help find them homes, but he really didn't do anything wrong.

    He provided food, water and shelter. He paid someone to take care of them while he was away. Just because it wasn't to the standard that you think it should have been doesn't mean that he was doing something illegal or even immoral.
  10. ChicknThief

    ChicknThief Chillin' With My Peeps

    Jan 12, 2008
    Nor Cal
    Quote:x2 [​IMG]

    Sorry hun. I understand your feelings about it. But others are right when they tell you that he is doing nothing illegal. The birds aren't ill or emaciated. In fact, that silky looks like the picture of health. Sure she may have been a bit muddy, but what chicken doesn't ever get muddy in the middle of winter? ESPECIALLY silkies. Taking her was stealing, and I suggest you put her back before someone notices. [​IMG]
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