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Ranting about "The robin hood" fund for Hurricane Sandy Victims

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by gmendoza, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. gmendoza

    gmendoza Songster

    Mar 23, 2010
    Rock Hill,SC
    Sorry I am ranting about the organisation than the people that are in need of help. also about the singers who will be on tonite.

    Do everyone a favor,turn off your tv tonie.

    the news said the estimate 1 billion people will be watching this spectacle tonite.

    why...why are people lemmings?

    most people are because they pay to see these fools on tv,or in concert,or their music. if you dont pay for their items,they will go broke and will ned to get real jobs,not mooching off lemmings.

    Lemmings follow the lemming-leader into safety or danger.they just follow the leader.

    and this corporation called Robin Hood? does this mean they rob the rich to give to the poor? wait a minute,that means the lemmings are rich and these musicians and corporation suits are the poor??

    aha! it comes clear now.

    what a bunch of malarkey.

    now mind you, I like movies,but I only watch them when they come out on tv.I dont go to the movies to see them,and I dont buy the dvd,nor rent them from redbox,and I dont buy music cd's,but I do have 12.00 left on my itunes account.

    do I drool over them? to I pawn and preen the tv when they are on?

    no because im not a lemming.

    tonite there will be 999,999,999 watching this spectacle of hurricane sandy because I wont so there will not be 1 billion.

    ha! news reporter,you are wrong!! there wont be 1 billion watching! in your face newsy person!!

    need to go get my meds.

    rant done...off soap box...

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