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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by handyman42, Dec 13, 2013.

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    Oct 17, 2013
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    I may be the only one out here thinking this (i doubt it but it's possible), What the heck is going on in this day and age?

    It troubles me to think that not too far back in America's past there was a chicken coop on every corner and people raised cows, pigs and rabbits for meat. And now it's all fallen by the wayside and has been replaced with Sonic, McDonalds, Wendy's and Burger King. Most of today's generation (unfortunately my generation) has let the things that used to keep this country running grow old and die with the people who tried to instill the values they had into the next generation. All the while the generation that follows is oblivious to the sacrifice their parents and grandparents made to bring them into the world. Hardly anybody raises their own meat anymore it seems because "I don't think that's humane", a fresh egg to them is disgusting because it "came from a chickens butt", and growing a garden is "for old people". So you'd rather buy your meat that's filled with steroids, growth hormones and God knows what else, and was still killed at some point. Buy your eggs from the store that, despite popular belief stiff come from chicken's butts, AND are filled with growth hormones, antibiotics and steroids. And buy your vegetables from the grocery store that are grown in mexico, sprayed with pesticides, shot up with all kinds of yummy stuff that'll kill ya and are genetically altered in the first place and have hardly any health benefits. It's like eating Styrofoam flavored like vegetables. When is this country going to get a grip on reality and brind back the "Good ol' days" of Mayberry, Little house on the prairie and The Ponderosa of Bonanza. Where people helped people, did what was right and got by without the fancy college degrees, and all the cool gadgets of today.

    Now correct me if I'm wrong for posting this but I'd venture to guess alot y'all here agree with me. I believe we've only begun to scratch the surface of the issue so please post. Rants and raves, Stories from Grandpa, or just things you think could be done better in the world. I can't be the only crazy one out here right?!
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    GMO study puh. That vote was money rigged like most are... its all the power of presentation. It was poorly written law to blame more than the base fact of the issue in CA. GMO studies are not debunked. I personally know people who have food allergies and after cleansing and coming off such products over time found more than significant improvements in their health.
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    The Barter system need to over power the American piece of green debt (Dollar) Or even better fake borrowed money (credit). Trading is still a good thing and I find makes people more happy when they do it. I like that [​IMG]
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    And there are people with allergies to a lot of things, in fact everything probably has someone that has allergies to it. Just because some people have allergies to peanut butter are you against peanut butter ?
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    Not at all but this may have something to do with it, and once you body learns harmful components it will continue to reject the peanut and thus isn't worth the risk of trying to get over it.




    but just because allergies are common doesn't mean we should ignore the problem. Why mess with nature? Just so they can add more poison to the crop? sounds unnecessary to me but you chose to believe what you like. For whatever reason you see fit. As will I. I love peanuts but only Organic ones.
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    Apr 10, 2010
    You are definitely not the only one who thinks like this. Fortunately there are also and increasing number of this generation is waking up to the many things that have faded over the past two. That's another fantastic thing about internet forums. There is so much to learn. We can still teach others and spread information on that lifestyle though. I am studying and planning what I can, and it's always nice to meet others who are doing the same. Maybe one day, that dream of Mayberry will come true.

    Hemet: Please, lets not derail this thread over one small point that isn't even the topic of this thread. ;) If you disagree with something, don't go looking for an argument, just move on to the next post/thread.
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    Feb 19, 2011
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    Watche Dr _________ I always blank on his name-- a doctor that recommends eating the fresh foods of the world. To rethink what we eat is often difficult; he presents a good case based on studies and a long career of promoting good eating habits. It fits with other doctors that have made similar claims and I know I have more energy by knocking out the grain foods ( rice, pasta, etc) and careful about amounts of starchy vegies ( sweet potatos, white potatos, corn, peas etc) . THe result is I have far more energy, skip the afternoon slump , and a more energized brain.

    When I go back to indulging in the Standard AMerican DIet, many of my "symptoms" come back-- wrist pain, foggy brain, and eventually some sleeping difficulties.

    All good motivation to eat on plan.

    DH was just mentioning why he bought the sliced mushrooms today even though they are NOT on sale, but still a good buy .

    G = greens, think of all the variety from mustard greens to broccali leaves to romain to arugala.
    O = onions family including garlic, scallions, yellow onions.
    M= mushrooms. 10g per day avg resulted in a 30% decrease in breast cancer in a study of women.
    S= seeds and nuts. Use RAW not roasted nuts. Use on salads, etc. A small amt goes a long way.

    AN interesting study in England , where one fellow was testing his own body, ate many types of nuts in different forms. Roasted nuts contributed to weight gane; raw nut contributed to weight loss. PErhaps that was the premise behind the creater of the acronym GOMS, that we benefit the most in AMerica by eating raw nuts.

    I have a couple kids that could gain a few pounds of fat, so I encourage roasted nuts; I eat raw nuts.
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    You be sure to let me know what threads you allow me to post my opinion OK [​IMG]
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    May 23, 2013
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    I am in complete agreement. I am 30 and the mother of three children that are restricted in their use of technology and encouraged to spend time being creative. I have chickens and my roosters are processed to feed our family. Half of my property is used to grow fruits, vegetables and grains. I have a water collection to supplement the waterboarding use for chickens and gardens. Many people think I'm a "crunchy hippie" but I see it as living the way life was meant to be.

    By the way, I live on just a hair over 1/4 of an acre in my town's village.

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