Rapid repair of broken femur

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    A couple weeks ago a local dog came through my yard with intention of having a wonderful time killing my free range birds. He gave them a brief chase mauling two before I could stop him. One bird died within five minutes. The other I suspect had a perforated lung or airsac and did have a broken thigh / femur that could be felt. Major wound on back also had some innards exposed.

    Both birds were placed into garage so I could call back in the scattered flock. When I came back to the dead and the injured birds I could not find the one with the broken femur so I thought something picked her up. A couple days later my pup found her hanging with the game rooster that was convalescing in the garage. She was on ground unable to walk and had to drag her self about using wings. Two days a ago it was apparent she could stand again. As I walked out to feed her flock she followed me, hopping very rapidly but using both legs. She reintegrated into flock without problems. Later that night she could not make flight to roost so I helped her up. Next night she could make it on her own but she still remains near roost when others of her flock range. Leg is crooked but gaining strength rapidly. I was surpised how quickly such a break could heal to point where walking was again possible.
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    You would be surprised how quick they heal. Chickens,ducks and he like are preyed upon birds from almost every type of carnivour or omnivour. So nature has somehow thru a millenia of time instilled them with quick healing abilities.

    We have a duck with a limp( her name is Limpy) and she broke her leg (accidentally by me and my daughter). She jumped off my arms and broke it.She healed within a couple of days but she still limps.

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