*RARE* 4 Madagascar Partridge eggs for sale!

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    4 Madagascar Partridge hatching eggs for sale. $65 FREE SHIPPING

    This is an extremely rare species of small partridge native to Madagascar. There are only 2 other breeders in the US that I know of who have this breed! Adult pairs sell for over $500

    The eggs are collected daily and stored at optimal temperature to ensure viability. The eggs you receive won't be older than 2-3 days.

    Please do keep in mind that this breed is fairly new to captivity and fertility rates tend to be lower than other breeds. I have been getting a hatch rate around 70-80% with my flock, but yours might be higher or lower.

    Please leave feedback based on the condition your eggs arrive in, not the hatch. I guarantee fresh and fertile eggs and do my best to ensure you get a good hatch, but there are too many factors like post office handling and X-ray machines that may effect habitability.

    If you receive less than 4 undamaged, fresh eggs, please let me know and I will be willing to send another set free of charge or refund you.

    Hatch time: 23 days (stop turning eggs at day 20)
    Temperature: 99-100 F
    Humidity: 40-50% (60% after lockdown)

    The chicks can eat a ground up gamebird feed that is atleast 20% protein. They need to be kept in the brooder at 99 F, and require the same care as any breed of fowl (quails, chickens, etc). Make sure fresh water is available at all times.

    Contact: [email protected]

    About Us
    We are an Illinois based aviary specializing in breeding rare, exotic breeds of ornamental fowl. Many of our birds have been imported due to their exclusivity and rarity. We breed species such as button quail, harlequin quail, mearns quail, Madagascan partridge, Nicobar pigeons, jungle bush quail, ornamental pheasants and more! Be sure to keep an eye on our listings, we have hatching eggs of various breeds up for sale form time to time depending on the season!

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I'd be glad to help
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