Rare Ancona Duck Hatching Eggs (Critically Endangered Heritage Breed)

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    Ancona Duck Hatching Eggs

    6 eggs - $30 includes shipping
    12 eggs - $46 includes shipping

    This is a buy it now auction (PM me to purchase)
    About The Breed
    Anconas are known as the Paint Horse of the duck world. Like paint horses they have no set pattern and each duck has unique spots of their own making them easy to tell apart from each other. Ancona duck are a medium weight class of duck. averaging 6 - 6.5 lbs. They are a wonderful dual perpose breed. They are very great layers laying between 210-280 white, cream, or blue eggs yearly. The Ancona duck grows relatively quickly, and produces high quality meat that is more flavorful and less fatty than that of most Pekin ducks. They typically have calm temperments and are easily turned into yard pets. They do not fly and are large enough that they are less likely to be preyed upon by winged predators. They are excellent foragers and very efficient egg layers. They are relitively rare being listed as critical and in need of preservation.

    We need more people dedicated to breeding quality Anconas!
    Although their numbers are increasing we still need to help preserve this breed because they are not out of the woods just yet.

    Our Ducks
    My flock has both black and chocolate Anconas. My hens are excellent layers only taking 1-2 month break in the fall to moult out. They easily out lay some of the best chicken laying breeds. Our Ancona ducks are great foragers and efficient layers and they are much more docile than some other breeds of ducks. Our Anconas stay close to home while out foraging in the yard unlike most chickens. They do not require a pool to breed, but ours get them anyway because it keeps them happy and keeps fertility very high. Our ducks are fed a high quality breeding ration, and have access to kid pools in their yard. They are turned out to free range daily where they can go on to a big pond and forage around the grass.

    Our Eggs
    I collect the eggs early in the morning as all of my ducks lay early every day. I will wipe off any dirt on the eggs, but I do NOT wash them. The eggs are turned daily and stored in a cool dark room air cell up. I inspect each egg for any cracks, chips, weak spots etc… and only send excellent quality eggs for hatching.
    We handle and package eggs very carefully and we hand deliver our eggs to the post office ourselves.

    I package the eggs in bubble wrap and pack them air cell up in a large box with lots and lots of shredded newspaper. My packages usually weigh up pretty heavy with all the bubble wrap and newspaper. I hand deliver my eggs to the post office and have many labels on the box that read Live Embryos, handle with care, do not X-Ray etc.... If you would like me to leave the box plain with no labels, just let me know and I can leave them off. I can also put your phone number and a note for the post office to hold the eggs for pick up if you would like. Just send me your phone number and I can add that to the box. We ship using Priority mail 2-3 days. This has been an excellent shipping service for us over the years. I no longer offer express shipping. Tried that and it just seems like you end up getting them the same time as priority mail and if the eggs don't arrive the next day I have to go back to the post office to file for a shipping refund etc..... so I will only ship priority mail now.

    I will ship to 47 states and Alaska.
    I do NOT ship to Hawaii
    I do NOT ship to Virginia

    I do NOT ship outside of the USA

    Payment through paypal only.

    Please Read
    Like all egg sellers we can not be held responsible for the eggs once they leave our hands at the post office. The shipping process can sometimes be hard on eggs. We pack our eggs very well to try to prevent any damage, but have no control of the handling during shipment.
    If you live in an area with extreme temperatures please only bid when your weather is mild. I can not be held responsible for frozen or baked eggs. However the insulation from packing usually protects the eggs even when it's fairly hot or cold.

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    I was wondering if we could get in contact, i would like four eggs around may. i already have an incubator and tested it.
    Thanks! i will keep this thought in the back of my head, but please send me an email on may 24,
    ([email protected])

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