Rare bird Auction Question


May 3, 2015
Good morning all! I'm new to this rare breeding stuff. My boyfriend got me into it and I am really enjoying it. But my question is...has anyone had any problems with this Rarebreed Auction website? My boyfriend had me sign up to auction off some of my chicks and to start bidding on some types of breeds that I liked, but after bidding on one item they suspended me. I have sent them a couple emails asking why but no answer. My problem is how am I suppose to get my little rare breed hobby going if I can't buy and sell my chickens? Is there another type of poultry online auction out there that might be nicer to their chicken buddies?

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I think some auctions have rules, where you must be an active member for some length of time, so they know you are legit. Maybe you just need more posts and to be a member for a longer period.

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