Rare Breed Assortment - want to figure out, impatient for feathering out (<2wks old)


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My Coop
Ordered 10 Rare Breed Layers assortment from Meyer Hatchery.
Not sure what I have (some White Cochins are obvious). The more I search photos, the more I find similar chicks from different breeds. (Though I suppose EEs might be included in the mix).
Maybe a Silver Lakenvelder and Sicilian Buttercup?

All three of the "Cochins" have feathered feet - two are yellow like one pictured here. The third (top of photo) is larger and had a darker body. I don't have any idea on the chick in the bottom left - except maybe an EE?

Maybe a Golden Campine?
The last one in question is a Golden Campine. EE's aren't quite so ornate and broken in color. The rest guesses, Lakenvelder are true. Buttercup, could be.
I'm impatient for mine to feather too, mostly because I want to hurry up and get them out of the house, but also because I want to see what my EEs will all look like. Unfortunately, for all my impatience, they aren't feathering any faster! :p I am just trying to be patient by "enjoying" seeing where and what feathers come in next on what birds, what colors and patterns come in on the new feathers, and guessing what colors they will be on the heads, necks, and breasts of the EEs. I did end up with a couple frizzle or possibly curly cochins though and they are taking longer than my smooth cochin to feather so those will probably be in the house a lot longer. :(
I am completly in love wiht the chick in the first picture with the crazy eye liner
I'm surprised how quickly the feathers develop day to day. I know what you mean about waiting to see what they'll look like when grown. The "surprise" was the ordering of an assortment - I thought I would be told what breeds. It is very exciting but it is also killing me not to be able to figure them out yet. Of course, I'm still in mental planning stages for the coop and preparing the site; so they don't need to grow too quickly!
I am wondering if the lighter yellow, feather-footed chick is a White Sultan and and the yellow-tan, feather-footed chick is a White Cochin. The yellow-tan is quite a bit bigger and I read that the White Cochins are heavy birds, about twice the size of the Sultans
I would say no to the puffy cheeks and skull shape.

The bright yellow versus the yellow-tan are so dramatically different that I figure they must be different breeds. I am beginning to think the yellow-tan is a White Cochin based on size, gait, foot feathering. The bright yellow - not so sure now.

I wouldn't think sex-related differences would be evident at 2 weeks of age (if the yellow-tan should be a cockrel).

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