Rare Breed Cockerels/possible pairs-Northern CA

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    Dec 18, 2011
    Northern California
    Buff laced Brahma Cockerels Rare and Beautiful. Dan Powell lineage 1 yr old $10.

    Silver Sussex cockerel 1yr, Greenfire Farm lineage Very sweet and large. $20.

    Welsummer cockerels-8 weeks old. fast growing with Beautiful coloring. $10.

    Ameraucana Cockerel-11months-straight from Peachick and a blue egg. $50.

    pullets or hens with these boys for an additional $40. (if available) Most are Laying.
    None are hatchery stock My roos are not aggressive

    sussex chicks 5 weeks $3
    Faverolles hens - 1yr-salmon/blue salmon $40
    Marans-wheaten-10month pullet $40

    Leghorn-Exchequer-pullet excellent layer $40

    Pick up only in Humboldt /Trinity county.
    Please pm with any questions
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