Rare Breed Cockerels (Tulsa, OK)

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    Jan 8, 2009
    We hatched too many cockerels from our rare breeds this last hatching season. I want to find them good homes, as they are all good beautiful birds. They are just over-breeding the hens! LOL If you would like more information, please contact me. These guys would make great additions to any flock of hens. Asking a $20 re-homing fee but will give a substantial discount if more than one is bought. We have:
    2) Purebred Very Rare Mottled Houdan Cockerels (Housed in same pen - get along well together)
    1) Purebred Very Rare Black Crevecoeur Cockerel
    3) Rhode Island Red Cockerels (Get along well together)
    2) Black Sumatras
    2) Americauna Cockerels (Get along well together)
    1) Sebright Bantam Cockerel

    My email is [email protected]. Thank you.

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