Rare Breed Egg orders to fill for next season Yokohama Bantams, Shamo, Thai, Asil and more


10 Years
Feb 21, 2009
I will be taking orders for Rare Breed Orientals in Standard and bantam also looking for malay bantams, orloff bantams, anyone have any????
Pics of birds are on my site shamomansfowl.com call me 610 928 7187 as I dont always get online. William G Bender jr aka Shamoman.
Standard, Thai, Shamo, Asil, Satsumadori projects, Sumatra, Cubalaya, Yokohama, Phoenix, american games, spanish games, Bantams, Cubalaya, Sumatra, Yokohama, Malay, Ko Shamo, Japanese, Asil Bantams, 25.00 dozen and up.

Picutured are Yokohama Bantam Blues
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Looking for Spanish game fowl eggs chicks pullets cocks etc. Send me pictures to phone 8603246624 price per picturednfowl and shipped eggs to Connecticut
still have a few birds laying sorry I dont get on here much in warmer months carpentry is getting real busy. Call me folks.

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