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6 Years
Sep 13, 2013
Rare and critically endangered poultry breeds. Birds from 6wks to adult Flocks,

Rainbow Farms is selling numerous flocks to make room for new breeds, changes, changing of blood lines ect. planning for 2016. I am only selling flocks We are NPIP and if you go to our farm page in the link in our signature below you can see pics and read about us.

Black Copper Marans 12 hens 3 roos $390 SOLD
Wheaten Maran 4 hens $100 all 4
BTB Marans 2 roos $15 each or $25 for both
Olive Eggers 8 hens 2 roos $120 ( 2 brown layers in coop)
Cream Legbars 8 hens 2 roos $360 SOLD
Lavender Orps 5 hens 2 roos $250 (half of birds are english)
Appenzellar Barths 4 hens 2 roos $250
Gold Laced Orpington 1 hen 1 roo $200
Jubilee Orpingtons 5 hens 2 roos $450
Mottled Orpington 5 hens 2 roos $450
Swedish Flowers 4 hens 1 roo $160 SOLD
Mottled Cochin Bantams 4 hens 1 roo $100 SOLD
Coronation Sussex 3 hens 1 roo $160
Tolbunt Polish 5 straight run $150 SOLD
Silkies 3 pair $35 per pair
Salmon Faverolle 3 hens 1 roo $100 SOLD
Dark Brahma 8 st run 6wks $35
BLRW (bbs) 8 st run 6wks $80 (blue parent, so chicks are BBS)
Hmong fibro(cymani cousin) 9 birds 3 month $400

Bantam mix, SOLD

If you have any questions about specific flock please ask, this is just a very short description. If you look on the site you can see pics of the actual birds. No bird is older than 2 years old so all still prime aged. Some of the flocks will not be available for a couple weeks as I still need to finish filling orders for 2016 but payment will hold the flock for you or a 50% deposit. We are located in Reed City, MI and with this sale is pick up only. Its extremely to pricey to ship an entire flock.
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First off I want to say how excited I am to find you Rainbow hatchery!
I was despairing that I would just have to just deal with the birds at my local feed store and not get the birds I really want because of the exorbitant prices of shipping and cost of birds. so Thank you!
Second I have a few questions :)
I am really wanting some Marans. who's eggs are a darker color your black copper or Black tail buff? witch one lays more eggs per year? and about how many eggs per year?
How many years do your Marans produce?
Are Olive eggers like Easter Egger s where they only really produce collord eggs for the first year?
how is there egg production?
Would you mind posting a picture if you have it of your Maran and olive egger eggs please? I am really going for egg collor in my flock.
thank you so much for your time!
I will try and answer all your questions but if I miss one feel free to re ask. BTB Marans are created from wheaten line birds and are still a bit of a project but they are lovely birds. I tend to focus a bit more on the Roos, just a preference I guess. They are very similar in egg production to all marans. Opinions probably vary but different colors of marans dont really change production a whole lot. Egg color however does change quite dramatically with the different Marans. Our black copper lay an egg that is just a tiny tad darker than the BTB on average. However that being said I do have to collect them separately because some of the BTB hens lay just as dark as some of the Black Coppers and I would not be able to tell them apart so they are very close. I added a new Bev Davis rooster from a very dark line this fall to my Black Coppers so Im hoping to get a shake darker next spring out of them. With the BTB I pay attention to egg color but keeping the wheaten colors and traits out of feathering is a big focus for me and I have to do alot of culling, especially of roosters. Marans are very good layers and great dual purpose farm breeds, very friendly birds. My olive eggers are sort of my prize creation and I put ALOT of time and work into them. I use several different breeds and its taken me a couple years to create the birds I hatch from now which are basically their own breed now, they are not a mix anymore. I have my Olive Roos and Olive Hens and their eggs are a really dark olive green every egg. Im not familiar with Easter Eggers or others that only produce colored eggs the first year, all I have ever known always lay blue eggs their entire life. Our olives only ever lay olive eggs. With Marans as the hens get older they will lighten up some, the darkest egg you will ever get from a Maran is the beginning of that first years laying cycle. As the laying year moves on the eggs get lighter and then the next year they kinda darken back up again but are usually never quite as dark as that first cycle. We will have cream legbars in the spring which lay a very pretty blue egg. We only focus on rare breeds so we dont offer any Easter Eggers but we do love the color of eggs obviously so we got the cream legbars. We definitely can sell you some birds with about the most colorful basket possible from blue, green, dark brown, brown. Honestly the only thing we have that lays a white egg is our silkies. As for pictures here in a month or two we are going to be totally revamping our website and taking some excellent quality pictures of a hen and roo of each breed with good lighting in front of our hatchery emblem and making a nicer website. Im new to websites this being the first year I ever made one so I was not very good at it and we want to redo it. Just waiting for a few of my breeders to mature out before taking pics on some of the breeds.
Are you NPIP? Do you test for MG/MS? I am having to destroy my entire flock and will end up losing 300 or so birds :hit So I am scouring the internet trying to find places that test for MG to order from in the Spring. I don't ever want to go through what I have been dealing with for the last year and a half ever again :(
We are in N. Michigan if that tells you anything. We dont raise any poultry breeds that are not extremely cold hardy. With last years weather we had several days that were -20 and -40 with windchill.

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