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    Apr 1, 2013
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    can y'all help me on possible breeds for these two brown chicks and two black chicks?
    I'm thinking partridge rock for taller standing brown chick on the left. Welsummer, speckled Sussex, or EE for sitting brown chick on the right. Showing a pic of the dark spot on her head. First brown chick has dark legs, second one has orangish legs.
    #2 on left, #1 on right
    And then there's the black chicks. I have three total. Two are bigger with gray strips on their fronts and black and pink legs. Black beaks and combs. I'm thinking black copper marans, English standard.
    The other black chick is smaller with more yellow front, no stripes. Lighter comb and yellow bottom of feet so I'm thinking Black jersey giant on that one.
    Both above BCM??
    Both above black jersey giant?

    I'm also having trouble distinguishing between a Cochin and a light brahma. Lol
    Lots if fun with the variety pack. They are almost 2 weeks

    Thanks for input:)
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    Mar 7, 2014
    I think #1&2 might be plymouth rocks they look very similar to my plymouth rock chicks
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