Rare Dorking Roosters and Polish Rooster


11 Years
Sep 23, 2008
Malabar, FL
I have young (4 months) Colored, Black, and Red Dorking roosters. These are quite rare and hard to find. Known to be very docile roosters; great with hens. I have Pullorun Certificate from Sandhill Preservation (no inbreeding) and all were vaccinated or Marek's at 2 days old (by me). Great additions to your coop, or great 4-H show roosters. I also have a gold/black Polish rooster that I would give to a good home. Price for Dorkings is per bird and you must pick up. At this time these are the only Dorkings available on BYC. Email me at [email protected] if interested (Brevard County, FL).
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