Rare Dragon-type Serama


Serama Savvy
11 Years
Aug 25, 2008
Central Kentucky
******************Finally you can have one of your own!********************
This year we decided to put up for sale one of our rare "dragon-type" serama.

Most think that this type of Serama is merely legend and can only be found in the distant regions of Malaysia, BUT THEY ARE WRONG!
Here at Bluegrass Seramas our dragon line is from all fertile A class birds, 400 dollar champion lines and we got them directly from Jerry!
This wont last long! Bid while you still can! Free Shipping!!!!! We will have it flown over!

*** The dragon-type is rather flighty, so you may need an aviary type coop....

***Pine shavings are a NO-NO, you must get suitable bedding material..here we use gold and jewels. (Nothing but the best for our birds.)

** These are use to a specific diet which you can get at SacraficedFairMaidenOrganic.com

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