Rare/ endangered species of chickens show! show your most precious or rare chcikens CONTEST

Can I use a number rather than a name? I buy my chickens' names by the box 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, etc., etc., etc. as leg bands.

Also I don't understand what you mean by endangered rate. How does one come up with that number.

I have some very rare breeds so could participate.
I own about 20% of all of one of them that exist in the US.

yes numbers instead of names are fine :)

by endangered rate I mean that- if your chicken is VERY rare, it will be close to 90%
if your chicken is the rarest breed ever then it will be 100%
if your chicken is just rare or a bit rare it will be 50-70%

is that easier to understand? :) thanks
Yes thanks. The percentages will be estimates.

3 1/2 years
White Minorca (Spanish breed, whites are much rarer than black)
when she was a young girl

Jaer1 and Jaer2
3 1/2 years
Jaerhon (only Norwegian breed)
The Jaer is to the left with the light neck. I'll get better pics of her.

3 1/2 years
Ancona (Italian)
She's the one on the left in my avatar whey she was a juvenile and she's the mottled one in the pic above.

H1 to H100
8 months to 3 years
Black Penedesenca hens (Catalonia, Spain)

R1 to R4
8 months to 3 years
Black Penedesenca roosters

Chick names run gamut from pink, yellow, orange, green, blue, white, black leg bands right leg or left leg
1 day to 10 weeks
Black Penedesenca chicks

I have to take better pics of the Jaers, Anconas and W Minorca
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Delaware Blue Roosters. I'm not even sure how to quantify their rarity in a percentage. Maybe 70? They seem to be pretty common in Delaware, but somewhat hard to find anywhere else.

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