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    Superior Feathers is proud to offer the following:

    1. SOLD Chocolate Bantam Orpington Juvenile Pair - $60. A pair consists of one hen and one rooster. They are approx. 3 months old and were from my hatch in June. My Chocolate Orpington stock comes from GFF and Heirloom Orps. I think these are some of the best looking Chocolate Orpingtons around. They are very rich in color and that is what makes these birds so beautiful as well as desirable. Singles, trios or quads may be available as well.

    2. SOLD Old English Game Bantam Pair - $30. A pair consists of one hen and one rooster. They are approx. 4 months old and are Fawn-Silver Duckwing in color. Please contact me for possible singles, trios or quads that may be available.

    3. Rhodebar Chicks - $25/female, $10/male or $30 per pair. These birds are the latest addition to my flock and came from GFF. The roosters are absolutely beautiful to look at and the hens are excellent layers. My chicks are 1-2 weeks old and I have several pairs available.

    4. Silkie Chicks - $10. I only have one black unsexed chick available at this time. It is 2 weeks old and well started.

    JUBILEE ORPINGTONS JUST HATCHED!! Contact me for more information.

    All of my birds are treated like pets and handled daily.


    For more information, please visit my site at www.superiorfeathers.com or PM me.

    Thank you!
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