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    2 Pairs of Black Cayuga ducks
    1 pair is just over a year old & from Holderread's. They are $50 (I paid more for them but have to make room for other projects).
    1 pair was hatched a few months ago and they are from a breeder in Texas. They are very nice in color, type and temperment. $40
    Or take BOTH (unrelated) pairs for $75!!!

    1 Male chocolate pied muscovy. Hatched in June--very friendly and lots of white. Just the wrong direction for my breeding program. I bought what was supposed to be solid chocolate eggs and ended up with one super-pied drake. Go figure! LOL $20

    1 Pair of black & white muscovies. These guys are 6 years old. The duck still lays an abundance of eggs, sits and hatches ducklings. VERY good mother--will hatch anything. The drake is hilarious and friendly...still making fertile eggs, too! These are neg. to the perfect home!

    1 Female Sebastopol goose (smooth breast) from Holderread's. Very sweet, not mean--a little shy. $75
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