RARE German line New Hampshire hatching eggs

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    This Ad is for 12 plus RARE German line New Hampshire Hatching Eggs. (12 plus means, I usually can fit about 15 eggs into the box nicely.)

    Absolutely Stunning! The New Hampshire is a dual purpose Heritage breed noted for its early maturing, fast feathering, fine table quality, and excellent egg laying. This particular line has only been in the United States for a few years.

    After WWII, in Germany most livestock was wiped out. Americans brought over the New Hampshires to help them. The Germans loved the breed and bred the bird into being a better show quality bird than it is in the United States. We show are birds and breed them to standard. We are NPIP and Avain Influenza monitored.
    We have been raising these birds for 3 years now,and have found them to be very calm and friendly..And I must say, of all the breeds we keep here at our farm,the New Hampshires seem to get the most praise.

    When we collect our eggs we keep them on a turner before they get shipped. We ship fresh eggs individually wrapped and packed well. We cannot be responsible for the box when it leaves our hands.

    Buyer is responsible for shipping. We use a Priority Mail LARGE flat rate box from zip code 44256.

    You can find us on the internet Sunset Meadow Farm Medina Ohio
    Please email us if you have any further questions.
    Thank you!
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