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Jun 11, 2011
Central California
We are now taking orders for Spring 2016 on all our finest Rare and Heritage breeds. We strive to produce fantastic, show potential birds using only the best breeding quality birds in our program. All our breeds have been carefully selected from prized breeding stock from all over the country and we meticulously breed each variety to the APA standard (when applicable). We are an NPIP certified farm in California and all our birds have been lovingly raised and cared for by us. We currently have the following breeds available:

Marans (Blue Copper and Black Copper- original Tom Culpepper/Wade Jeane closed flock)- $25/ea.
Lavender Marans- $45/ea.
Wyandottes: Silver Laced, Golden Laced, Blue Laced Red, Partridge- $15/ea.& Lavender- $35/ea.
Bielefelder- $25/ea.
Blue Wheaten/Wheaten Ameraucana- $15/ea.
Cream Legbar- $25/ea.pullet chick $15/cockerel chick
Swedish Flower Hen- $15/ea.
Serama- $25/ea.
Icelandic- $20/ea.
Chocolate Ameraucana- $25/ea.
Lavender Ameraucana- $20/ea.
Brakel- Gold/Silver- $75/ea.

Please order early as we do sell out quickly. :) Minimum order to ship is 7 chicks so they stay warm enough en route, we do ship extras.Flat rate shipping cost is $45 for Express mail for up to 20 day old chicks (includes box, heat pack (if needed) and Gro-gel for the trip :) . We do require a 20% deposit to secure an order. You are welcome to mix and match breeds as you'd like as there are no minimums on specific breeds. We CUSTOM HATCH your unique order! :) Please PM for more pics/info or to place your order! Blessings!
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I'm looking into some Bielefelders, do you currently have any available? I would prefer to have one rooster and one or two hens. Please tell me what you currently have or will have, and when. Could you also tell me what city you live in, here in California? I live near Chico, above central CA. Wondering if you were close enough to make a detour, as I'm looking into taking a trip down to San Diego sometime next week. Thank you!

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