Rare Large fowl (LF) Golden Partridge and White Orpington Roosters


7 Years
Dec 10, 2012
Wiltshire England
This classified is for two Rare Large fowl (LF) Orpington Roosters, one Golden Partridge and one White. The price is for each rooster. So if you would like both it is £60. I have hand reared them from eggs from a breeder of the largest collections of rare Large fowl Orpington colours in the UK. They have 150 year history. The Rooster had a surrogate mum who did a brilliant job. They are happy chickens. If you have any questions please ask. I am happy to keep them until they start crowing. They were vaccinated for Mareks disease within the first 24hrs of hatching, purchased through Avian vet. They are also treated for red mite every six weeks, using a spray under their wings.
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