Rare Lavendar Ameraucana hatching eggs - 10+

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    Auction from 3:00pm,1/27 to Mon 1/30,10:00 pm EST & ship week of 1/30..Auction starts at $25 & bid increments are $.50. TO bid reply to this listing. Postage is $17.50,Priority mail. We wrap and ship carefully but do not guarantee or replace eggs as shipping and incubation is out of our control. Do subscribe to this listing to keep up to date. Eggs may be picked up at the farm if scheduled. 10+ eggs means minimum of 10 eggs and more added if available the day of shipping. Great lineage for these birds includes Harry Shaffer, John Blehm and pips and peeps. We love that we are working with this project bird & to be working with them for years.We owe a great deal to BYC'ers as well as others for helping us assemble this flock! Please know that a few of our ladies received from BYC and others are 1 year older than the rest of our hens, So size of egg will differ. Cynthia12 reported to me today that packing was excellent and that 10 of her 12 Lavendar Ameraucanas are progressing nicely! Ratio of 1 rooster to 4 hens.

    We do not expect to be offering this volume of 100% lavendar Ameraucana eggs much longer, as in February we are going to put a very typy Black Ameraucana with at least half of our flock for further development of this project. He has excellent lines - Cree,Smith and Ribbick, I have another well lined rooster to add in as well, but he's NOT crowing yet.

    More information about our full time farm and our philosophy is available at our website http://www.freewebs.com/thegarryfarm/
    how we ship: https://www.backyardchickens.com/a/the-garry-farm-how-our-eggs-are-wrapped-packed-and-shipped
    or facebook The Garry Farm Happy & Blessed Bidding!
    We farm full time so please give us some time to answer your questions.​

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