"Rare Marans Collection"- So what did I get??


7 Years
Apr 13, 2012
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My Coop

Black with very red over eyes/head, tan feathered legs

Black and white, gray legs and feathers

The left chick has red "eyebrows"

^ white spot on top of head

there are six girls is total

from the website:

This collection of Marans is extremely rare and may include any of the following breeds:
Black Copper Marans
White Marans
Golden Cuckoo Marans
Blue Splash Marans
Most of them will get the cuckoo coloration (ones with the spot on their head). The dark one will be your black marans. The white ones are your white marans.
So, you don't think there are any golden cuckoo or blue splashes?

It's hard to tell from those pics, honestly. The cuckoos should be golden if that's all that's offered in the order. The whites COULD end up splash, but I'm not seeing any flecks of color on them, so it's doubtful. But again, the pictures aren't that close of the whites, so you could see splashes and flecks that we can't.
They're so sweet!

The head spot chick (are both pictures of the same bird or did you get two like that?) is your golden cuckoo, the dark chicks without head spots are your black coppers, the light ones are white Marans. I don't see any blue splash but 3 out of 4 is great for a small order!

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