rare Norwegian Tumblers

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    Sep 6, 2014
    I have many many many rare norwegian tumbler Show pigeons. They are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I don't have pics now, on this computer, but will post some soon. I have many colors as well as blacks, whites, cinnamons, chocolates, and mixed. They don't fly very far, just up to the tree near the pond, and on top of the studio. I have had them for three or four years now, and have learned everything by watching and being with them.

    They are really cool and each have different personalities. I can distinguish which pigeon is which from over 70 feet away. I can also tell by the call which pigeon it is.
    Predators we have had were hawks, Cooper's hawks. I have lost many pigeons to hawks over the past three years. [​IMG]Oh well, that happens.

    But my favorite Norwegian timber pigeon, is Gladdy. Gladdy is a very cool pigeon. Surprisingly, he has survived over 20 hawk attacks.[​IMG] Great pigeons have come from Gladdy and Kathy. Yes, Gladdy is a boy.[​IMG]

    I have 48 pigeons and mostly all of them are Norwegian Tumblers. I have a few homing pigeons that my Papa gave me.
    My Papa gives me the pigeons that he raises that are not pure white. He raises pure white homing pigeons for ceremonies, weddings and other special occasions.

    He gives me the pigeons that have brown, black, or any other color on them. Actually what he doesn't know, is that he gave me pigeons that fly better than mostly all of his. The pigeons he gave me are great flyers. My best pigeon is Copper, a female who is about five months old. She has survived many hawk attacks. She came back within an hour after the attack.[​IMG]

    Anyways I can go on forever about my pigeons. I love them so much!! [​IMG]If you have any questions about my pigeons just tell me!![​IMG]

    I will sell if any of you guys live near Yosemite, Fresno or closer. I don't ship my birds far.
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    Id love to see picks and know how n if they tumble. i have portuguese tumblers i recently got, and anxious toget settled n trained so can fly.
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    Norwegians are closely related to East Prussian Tumblers (the forerunner of modern Russian Tumblers). 30+ years ago, I had Norwegians that actually rolled down.
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    Sep 6, 2014

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