Rare Purebred Silver Ameraucana Rooster (p/u only)

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    One-year-old Silver Ameraucana roo - yes, he is missing his tail. [​IMG] He is in with @ 17 hens, and hasn't gotten the chance to grow it out since he moved in! His beard is a bit thin, also...probably for the same reason.
    I had considered breeding Silvers, but decided to stick to the Wheatens instead. He isn't friendly, but he isn't mean. I would not suggest he go to a home with small children, though. He rushes at feet and loves to smack your heels as you leave the coop, but hasn't ever tried to fly at anyone. He has a lot of respect for the hose...or a stick. [​IMG]
    He is a good flock protector, and even with all the hens in there I am hard-pressed to find an egg that isn't fertilized...so he definitely keeps himself busy!
    Please PM me if interested. Thanks!



    ETA photos
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    I wish you weren't so far away *snif*

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