raspy breathing! 2 sick chicks..

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    i have two chicks both 7 days old, whohaven't been doing well sicne day one. they don't walk on their feet properly and i'l tried the bandaid thing and now splints on their little feet to straighten thier toes, man that was rediculous to get on ! but yet they don't wak upright , more on their hocks

    now in teh last 2 days you can hear thier breathing, kind of bubbly and crackly, and the one is wet under his wings , like he is sweating( fever maybe?? ) these are my first chicks and the other 4 are doing great.. [email protected]
    should we just put them out of their misery or can they be helped???
  2. herdofnoni

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    well one of them died over the weekend. so sad but i think i knew it was going to happen so not so much of a shock,
    the other is eating and drinking and i put booties on her so the toes are straight but the ankle is turned down....still walking on her hocks.
    um.. giving her vitamins everyday and it is in her water. she seems fairly perky just not walking right. though there is a bubble to her breathing.. not sure if she'll last... sad to think i will loose her too, they were my only two EE"s i'll have to see about getting a couple more.

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