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    I'm having a lot of problems with roof rats in our fruit trees this summer, and I'm debating putting out some bait. I've seen "inverted T" bait stations on some sites, but I'd like to know if anyone here has made them / used them and what the results were. I want to make sure that the bait is not accessible to my dogs, who don't live in the yard but use it for "recreation", and this design looks like it might work . . . any advice or direct experience will be much appreciated. I already lost all my peaches . . . the nectarines are almost ripe and I want them for myself, gosh dang it!!!
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    First, you need to really clean up your yard. Trim bushes up so that you can easily see underneath. Remove deadwood from trees and shrubs. I did not use bait stations, but had neighbors who did. I used live traps. The cats and dog have been considerably more successful, but apparently roof rat does not taste very appealing [​IMG] as the eat very little of them.

    http://www.maricopa.gov/EnvSvc/VectorControl/RR/RRInfo.aspx (look through all the pages) and

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