rat/mice poison stations?

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by cluckin tractor, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. cluckin tractor

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    does any one have a good idea or product they are using that keeps pioson away from poultry and kills the rodents

    i have a setup that has a tin with holes at the bottom that a mice could get thru with the wax blocks in it with a loose roll of chicken wire around it to kepp the chickens out

    works well and have had no deaths or sickness eva

    my problems are that bad i go thru 2 wax blocks a week or two and all of my feeders are rasied with spillage at a minimum
  2. Judy

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    I got rid of a rat infestation with Just One Bite (bromadiolone is the active ingredient) which is not supposed to harm an animal that eats a dead mouse or rat. But from what I've read, you have a much bigger problem there than we do, though we have plenty of mice and rats, too. I have read that mice will sometimes develop some immunity to rat poisons. Maybe you need to rotate poisons. Another product that is supposed to be highly effective is sold here under the brand Golden Malrin. I have no idea what the active ingredient is; I do know you can get it online if it's not available locally. I've read that it is a very nasty poison, though, and you don't want your dog finding a dead mouse and eating it.

    Good luck.
  3. greekbioguy

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    Dec 25, 2010
    i sometimes use some blue rat poison cubes ,the active ingredient is cumarin (a blood thinner it destroys vitamin k that helps in blood clogging when you have a wound) the rats die a week to ten days after ingestion. it works by weight so one rat that is about 200-300 grams needs to eat a whole 10 gram cube to die. a cat or a dog would have to eat close to a kilo of rat bait for it to hurt them. it is also easy to save your cat or dog if it has eaten a number of poisoned rats you just get a vitamin k shot from the pharmacist and all the poison is neutralized .it is illegal to buy or sell fast acting poisons in Greece only blood thinner poisons are allowed. another more Eco friendly way to get rid of rats is by using human vitamin D supplement pills (grind them into powder and mix them with sweet bait) rats and mice are very sensitive to high calcium levels in their blood ,vitamin D in high dosses causes calcium levels to sky rocket resulting in calcification of internal organs and blood vessels.vitamin D is fat soluble so once it has been ingested along with the bait it will stay in their system for a long time and so the high levels of calcium in the chicken feed becomes the actuall killer
    rats live in organized communities and they use low rank males to try new food items while they wait to see the results if the male dies in up to 3 days (that's their memory span) then nobody else touches that food item. slow acting poisons work a week or more after ingestion so other rats cant relate their relatives death to the poison (for them it is a mystery death)
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  4. Bear Foot Farm

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    Any type of wire cage with openings large enough to let mice in but not chickens.

    You can also use large pieces of PVC pipe
  5. cluckin tractor

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    the piosoion i use has the concept and it is a smart idea using blood thinners for the rats short memory

    i used chicken wire big enough to fit ur thumb in

    mice can get into places you would not think

    u can use pvc pipes but it generally isnt cheap
  6. sunshine23

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    Jun 22, 2010
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    Quote:Your info is really interesting!

    I have bad rat problems here too and the big "Just One Bite" blocks of poison disappear by the next morning.

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