Rat Terrier Pups in NE Ohio

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  1. Skyesrocket

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    Mar 20, 2008
    I have 4 male 4 month old Rat Terrier pups for sale.
    I don't have pictures to post, sorry. The pups are white with red markings on their heads. Some have red spots on their bodies.
    One is a toy will be 6 pounds at maturity. He has spots all over. Very cute.
    The rest will be mini's maturing between 10-12 pounds.

    Rat Terriers are terrific little farm dogs. The breed originated on American farms in the 1950's. And, true to their name, they will keep your barns and fields clear of mice and rats. It's rare for me to see mice around here.
    The pups have been raised inside of the house, but spend all day outside with me. They have been around chickens, pigs, horses, goats, cats, kids and other dogs.
    I like to introduce the pups to the smaller animals at an early age. That way the hens "teach" the pups that chickens aren't for chasing...lol.
    Rat terriers are good family dogs and need to be with their human family. I won't let them go to a home where they will be chained or fenced outside away from their people. They have never had a leash or collar on. I like for them to learn early on that it is their job to keep track of where I am. By putting them on a leash right away they learn that it is your job to keep them near you.
    I'm not saying never put a collar on them, as it is necessary when they are around traffic. I'm just saying these pups have learned to stay around where I am at. They wander off some to play, but when I head up to the house, they are right behind me....lol.
    Anyway, they are nice healthy little fellows. I would like to sell them locally.
    They are purebred, but I did not register them. $50 each to good homes. Or I will trade for good horse hay, delivered.
    I'm in the very far corner of north eastern ohio. Conneaut, 44030.
  2. willow

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    May 5, 2008
    Sherman, NY
    I also raise rat terriers. I'm located in Sherman, NY. About 20 miles from Erie,PA.

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